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Typical Brazilian woman

Typical Brazilian woman is extremely gorgeous looking lady with great sense of taste. Brazilians like to emphasize their beauty in clothes, make up and different proper bright things. Brazilian women are known as the most beautiful in the world and that is approved not only by numerous beauty contests they win, but also by attention of many men from different parts of the world towards Brazilian women. The reason of this hides also in mixture of genes and races, in mixture of different cultures, the result of which we can observe in Brazil. The fact Brazilian women seem exotic to numerous quantity of men in the world also attracts.

Typical for Brazilian woman is confidence in her appearance. To explain this in simple way – they just know they are pretty and take it for granted. If you make her compliment that she is nice she would say something like ‘I know‘. Women in Brazil are gorgeous because of demonstration of their femininity along with natural beauty and mixture of cultures. They care of what other people would think and (or) say of them and because of that they are perfectionists in their appearance. Racing for style takes a form or kind of competition between women in Brazil.

Brazilian women are self confident and quite independent. They like to achieve their goals. So don’t expect to find perfect home oriented wife in Brazil as in our times it is not popular there. The times when woman in Brazilian family was the carrier of “home fire” and the husband was “the getter” have passed by and new trends and social behavior came instead. It is popular in Brazil to hire a housekeeper who would do all the house work like cleaning, cooking and doing laundry.

Brazilian women are open to people and it is easy to start communication with them, but it does not mean this is the same easy to start relationship with Brazilian woman. Brazilian women like to communicate, spend time with friends and they have a lot of friends among men and women.

It is common in Brazil to kiss woman in both cheeks.

It is also common for Brazilian woman to start conversation with you first. Brazilian woman can come and ask you for a drink to start talking with you.

Besides being friendly and open to people, having no complexes, Brazilian women are independent and know what they want.

If you want to win the heart of Brazilian lady during every date, no matter is it the first date or the seventh, – present her flowers. Women in Brazil adore flowers.

Other features and tips are also old-school or old-stylish. You can ask Brazilian woman for dinner in expensive restaurant with gourmet dishes and aristocratic atmosphere – she will definitely evaluate this very highly and think you are serious about her.

Typical Brazilian woman is very family oriented. It does not mean only close family like father and mother with numerous sisters and brothers, it is also her numerous aunts and uncles, cousins and other relatives. So if you have Brazilian girlfriend you will have to get acquainted with them. In Brazilian culture it is almost a compulsory. Relations with family are based on religion, culture, life style (Brazilians get married usually after 25 and previously they live with the family) and support of EVERY member of huge family.