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Interesting facts about Brazilian women and the country

Brazil is named so because the type of red tree which was widespread here called Pau Brazil. It used to be Terra de Santa Cruz – the Land of Saint Christ and now we know the country as Brazil. It is not that Brazilian women are too religious, but about 75% of people declare they belong to Catholics.

The most beautiful Brazilian women you will find in the biggest city Rio de Janeiro, which name means “The River in January”. Official language in Brazil is Portuguese, so don’t confuse it with Spanish.

Never follow unknown pretty Brazilian woman under any pretext, otherwise you can get into favelas – poor districts of every big Brazilian city where there is extremely high criminal rate and even police is afraid to go there “with the candle during daylight”.

Many pretty women could be found on Brazilian Carnival which takes place in Rio during four days. One can become a spectator of samba dances with great looking costumes. If your girlfriend is Brazilian, take into consideration 75% of Brazilians (both – men and women) adore soccer, which is called football here.

It is normal for Brazilians to greet woman with kiss in both cheeks. Men greet traditionally by shaking hands.

It is good to know to that Brazilian women adore flowers. Buy your flowers for your woman even if for you it looks trivial, conservative and so on. Remember – it is Brazil and rules here are a little or just different from the rules where you live. If you were presenting your Brazilian girlfriend so many flowers she agreed to marry you… take into consideration early marriages are not popular in Brazil and both – men and women get married usually after the age of 25.

In Brazil women do not change their last names for the husband’s, they just add it to their own last name. So if you have Brazilian wife she would have double last name. By the way, full name of Brazilian citizen consists of the name, mother’s last name and father’s last name so keep that in mind if you are about to marry Brazilian.

If you are in Brazil in search for girlfriend it is very high chance you will meet one with name Julia – this is the most popular woman’s name in the country. And if you are woman, who is seeking for Brazilian boyfriend, the chances are high he will be… Gabriel 🙂 as it is popular Brazilian man’s name.